Aust Ch Copperdobe Hell Raiser (Imp NZ)

Best in group 1st under dobe specialist Mrs Denise Smith

Mitchell has a very happy outgoing personality & is growing into a lovely young man.  Quite a big boy with beautiful bone & substance with a lovely head piece.

He won Best baby in group at his only two shows entered in the baby class.

Shown sparingly but to date unbeaten in his class, all breeds & specialties.

Challenge dog from minor class: May 2015

Minor in group: May 2015

Junior in show: NSW Dobe specialty 2015 PM show

Opposite Junior in show: NSW Dobe specialty 2015 AM show

Opposite junior in show: Vic Dobe specialty 2015

Junior in group: November 15th

Mitchell titled with ease but retired due to our other commitments.

“Whow” is the best way to describe this young man!!

Jag is a boy with a heap of presence and already after just a few shows the judges are seeing it too.  At home he is very easy going and although a big boy is a goof ball, hence his nick name “Doofus”.

His first shows were in August 2008 at the Albury International where he won 2 first places in the Minor Sweepstakes, Reserve CC dog and Minor in Group, not bad for his debut!

The next time out was the Sale/Maffa shows where he again did us proud winning 3 Minor in Group and going on to take out Minor in show twice.

The Melbourne Royal 2008 Jag was 1st in the Puppy Dog class.

1st November 2008: Dobermann Club Open show: Puppy in Show

1st November 2008: Dobermann Club Champ Show: Puppy in Show

21st November: Puppy in Group at Spring Fair, Sydney

Jag will return to the ring in April 2009.

27th April:  A/bred in Group & Reserve Challenge

13th June: Best of Breed

14th June: Best of Breed & A/bred in group

26th July: Best of Breed Utility Club show

3rd October: Opposite A/Bred in Show ACT Specialty, Mrs D Clark (NZ)

3rd October: A/ Bred in group

31st October: Opposite A/bred in show Victorian Dobermann Specialty, beaten by our Miss Paris for class in show.

Jag retuned to the ring on the 20th December with a Best of breed win

27th December at his next outing another Best of Breed

3rd January: Best of Breed and champion title

24th April 2010: Intermediate in Show & Reserve Challenge Dog at the DCSA Dobermann Specialty.

October 2010 saw Jag take out Runner-Up in Show at the Victorian Dobermann Specialty under UK judge, Mr Tom Johnston.

Runner-Up in Show DCV 2010

Since then he has been shown sparingly with good results:

Best of Breed & A/bred in group July 23rd

Best of breed Utility Club show July 31st

Best in Group Winter International SA under Mr Wananabe (Japan)

Runner-Up in Show SA Dobermann Specialty, Ms Harase (Japan)

2-Nov-2013 – Dobermann Club of Victoria
Runner up in Show & A/bred in show – (Judge Mr R. Vandiver (USA))

A/bred in Show & reserve challenge 2010 National

“Saxon” showed a lot of promise winning  Puppy in Group and reserve challenge dog at his first outing in October 2007 aged just 10 months.

Showing a lot of promise at his first outing winning Puppy in Group and reserve challenge dog in October 2007 aged just 10 months.  Shown sparingly due to living in a pet home he went onto winning 2 Best Exhibit in Show awards at breed specialties, Best of breed Melbourne Royal 2012, plus numerous class in show awards at specialty & all breed shows. Saxon passed away from natural causes aged 11.5 years.

Saxon has been DNA tested Vwd CLEAR & DCM 1 negative

Best in Show Qld Dobermann Show 2010

Saxon wins his second Best in specialty show under dobermann specialist, Mr Ronnie Natividad (Phl) DCSA May 2012

Sydney Royal

Rob and I are absolutely owned by Josh, he is bossy and very demanding, but also a big smooch who loves nothing more than to climb up on my lap, uninvited of course, and is the love of my life.

Josh at 4 months

Josh had an interesting start to life being presented at birth as a stillborn and left wrapped in a towel on the table to be buried. However, due to the inquisitive nature of a young boy who noticed a slight gasp, Josh was revived with mouth to mouth and vigorous rubbing and slowly he began his awakening into this world, something we are eternally grateful for.

Josh’s first show lesson

Josh has had a fabulous career so far with lovely wins as a baby through to now in the Open Dog class. These include specialty class in show and Runner-up in show win & Best in Show Qld in May 2009, plus numerous Best of Breed and Best in Groups wins not to mention the obedience title, endurance title and more recently his Tracking Dog title, all gained along the way and of course siring several litters and of course the best one of all his Grand champion title.

Josh has an amazing temperament, a very easy going boy who is friendly with all the canine girls and boys he meets and being a people dog too he is a pleasure to take out to any event.

Listed below are some of Josh’s achievements from Baby to Junior.

  • Multi class in group/in show awards by specialist judges: Baby to the Junior Classes
  • Baby in group from Dobermann Specialist Lynne Harwood (Vic)
  • Puppy in Show ACT Dobermann Specialty 2005
  • Puppy in show NSW Dobermann Specialty 2005
  • Puppy in Group NSW Spring Fair 2005
  • Puppy in show VIC Dobermann Specialty 2005
  • Junior in show NSW Dobermann Specialty 2006
  • Junior in show NSW Dobermann Parade 2006
  • Best in show S.A. Dobermann Open show 2006
  • Best in show QLD Dobermann Open show 2006

Josh’s Diary:

  • Best of Breed/Junior in Show 18/3/06
  • CC Dog/RUBOB/Junior in Grp 19/3/06
  • Best of Breed: Mr. W. Mooney 25/4/06
  • CC Dog/RUBOB: Mrs N. Zimmerle 24/6/06
  • Best of Breed: Mr. T. Miyagawa (Jpn) 11/8/06
  • BOB & Runner up in Grp: Mr. R. Natividad (Phl)
  • CC Dog/RUBOB: Mrs D. Cornelssen (Can) 13/8/06
  • Champion title under Mr. W. Brown 29/10/06
  • 4th November awarded Elmaro Trophy for 2nd A/bred Dog & pass of 94/100 in obedience ring at DCV Specialty show
  • Best in Group/Intermediate in show: 10/11/06
  • Josh sires his first litter to Dual Ch (T) Coppertop Catch A Glance CDX ET on the 14th October, 2006
  • Josh sires his second litter to Ch Coppertop China Doll CCD ET on the 11th December, 2006
  • Best in Group January 2007
  • Best in Group March 2007under specialist Mrs J. Seary
  • Gains CD title with 3 consecutive passes May 2007
  • Runner up in Group June 2007
  • Best in Group October 2007
  • CC Dog/RUBOB Cup Day 2007 Sunbury, from an entry of 80 dobes, judge Mr. G. Kostopoulos (Greece)
  • 1st Intermediate Dog class Vic. Specialty under Mr W. Brown & placed 4th Dobermann National November 2007

Josh has been shown only a handful of times in 2008 and like his daughter Kendra has picked up challenges/Best of Breed at almost all shows. His limited showing has been due to us campaigning 2 of his sons, Nasa and Saxon, to their titles. Now this goal has been reached for both of them, titling within 2 weeks of each other, Josh made a return to the ring in November. We will now begin the task of attaining his grand champion title, a title we believe he deserves to be given the chance at. He sits on over 600 points without much effort whilst competing against Victoria’s #1 Dobermann, so let the chase begin!!!

  • Challenge Dog/RUBOB January 11th, 2008 Mr. G. Robinson (SAF)
  • Best of Breed under Mr. I. Akiyama (Japan) Jan. 28th, 2008
  • Best of Breed under Dobermann specialist Mrs G. Ford, 6th April
  • Challenge Dog/RUBOB under Dobermann specialist Mrs. Denise Smith: 24th June
  • 21st September passes Tracking Qualification Test
  • Best of Breed, Royal Melbourne show. Judge: Mr. R. Podesta (Chile)
  • Challenge Dog/Runner-Up in Show Dobermann Specialty. Judge: Mr. Billy Smith: November 1st
  • Best of Breed/Runner-up in group under Dobermann Specialist Mr. Laurie Wheeler: November 30th
  • Best in Group : 3rd January, 2009
  • Best of breed: 9th January
  • Challenge Dog under Dobermann specialist Mr. D. Filipovic : 8th February
  • Challenge Dog/RUBOB: 22nd February
  • Reserve Challenge at Canberra Royal, ACT: 26th February
  • Best of Breed: 9th March
  • Challenge Dog/RUBOB: 20th March
  • Best of Breed/Open in group: 21st March (AM show)
  • Runner-up in Group/Open in Group: 21st March (PM show)
  • BEST IN SHOW, QLD Dobermann Specialty: 2nd May, 2009
  • Challenge Dog: 17th May, 2009
  • Best of Breed: May 23rd
  • Best in Group: 21st June
  • Best in Group: 28th June
  • Best in Group: 29th June
  • Runner-up Best of Breed (to daughter Kendra) 4th July
  • Best of Breed: 19th July
  • Best of Breed: 25th July
  • Best of Breed: 1st August
  • Best of Breed: 28th August Mr C Bett (Canada)
  • Runner-up in group: 29th August Dobermann specialist Mr R Tesoro (Phl)
  • Best of Breed: Utility Club Show WA Mrs D Edmondson (SAF)
  • Challenge Dog/RUBOB: Judge Mr W Mooney (Specialist)
  • Best of Breed: 15th November

2010 begins with a bang. On the campaign trail again for that Grand champion title after Josh recovers from an injury.

  • Best of Breed: 8th January under Col. K Roy (Pakistan)
  • Best of Breed: 9th January under Mr A Hsieh (Taiwan)
  • Runner-Up in Group: 10th January under Dobermann Specialist Mr R. Natividad (PHL)
  • Challenge Dog/RUBOB: Dobermann specialist, Mr Andi Hudono (Indonesia) 24th January
  • Best of Breed & GRAND CHAMPION TITLE: 21ST FEBRUARY, what a great birthday present for Rob.
  • Runner-Up in Group: 8th March
  • Challenge Dog/RUBOB: 13th March
  • Challenge Dog/RUBOB: 14th March AM & PM shows

Josh will now retire from the show ring to make way for the next generation, his sons, his grandsons and so on. Tracking is his next step in life…….let the fun begin.

  • Josh passes his track 2 at Gippsland Dog Club: 18th July
  • Track 3 and TD title passed with a grading of excellent: 23rd August, 2010