The “Coppertop" prefix has been around for more than 50 years, originally used by my grandparents with their top winning and very successful Australian Terriers.  I took the prefix over in 1992 and now look where we are now, breeders of dogs titled in all phases of dog sport.  We strive to improve the conformation of our breed, eradicate any possible health problems and to produce the all round Dobermann - beauty, brains and sound in mind!!!

Dobermanns are loyal, alert and active and love to be part of the family group and need to be included, particularly while young to enable them to develop and mature into a stable family pet and companion.  No matter what age the Dobe is they want to be inside (and should be)!

On this site you will find information on the Dobermanns that I have bred, bought and trained, designed to give you a better insight into my dogs' personalities. 


There are many pictures in the photo gallery too as well as individual resumes on all the girls and the boys, upcoming litters and a section on dog products page.  Choose from our range including “Cosy Coats”,   “Cosy T-Coats” and for the summer a range of dog coats the “Cool T-Coat” available in Terry Towelling and printed cotton fabrics.  All these dog Coats & other items are found on the Dog Products page.  The range includes embroidered towels, tote bags, chair backs.  We can embroider your dog’s name or your kennel name and add a design too.  Some shown on website but due to lack of time most are not so email for a pic of your favourite breed. There are also gazebo mat bag sets, shoe bags, silver shade bags and much more….check it out!

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Photo taken at a Royal  in 1963 of my grandparent’s terriers

Coppertop Dobermanns
Always striving to improve the breed
9 Best in Specialty shows
9 Runner-up 
With 10 different dogs

Scroll: Horizontal: Kendra
Best in Show, Sydney, 2009
Mr P Martin,
Philmar Dobermanns
Scroll: Horizontal: Josh
Best in Show
Brisbane, 2009
Mrs L Krukar
Dabney Dobermanns
Melbourne 2008
Mr W Smith
Scroll: Horizontal: Savannah
Best in Show, Melbourne, 2009
Mrs H Duckham (UK)

Best in Show
Adelaide 2010
Mr R Velez Pico
(Puerto Rico)

Perth 2010
Mr N Naylor (UK)
Scroll: Horizontal: Saxon
Best in show, Brisbane,2010
Ms B Clarke(USA)

Scroll: Horizontal: Jag
Runner-Up in Show, Melbourne,2010
Mr T. Johnston (UK)
Feldkirk Dobermanns
Scroll: Horizontal: Dane
Best in Show
Canberra, 2011
Mrs Nichole White (WA)
Bravadobe Dobermanns

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Scroll: Horizontal: Saxon
Best in Show
Adelaide 2012
Mr Ronnie Natividad

Scroll: Horizontal: Preia
Runner up in Show & Minor in show
Perth 2013
Mr Doug Jenson
Scroll: Horizontal: Jag
Runner-Up in Show, Adelaide,2011
Ms. M. Harase(Jpn)
Scroll: Horizontal: Bronte
Best in Show
Runner-Up in Show
Melbourne 2013
(father & daughter)
Mr Bob Vandiver
Scroll: Horizontal: Preia
Runner up in Show & Junior in show
Adelaide 2014
Mr Andi Hudono (Ind)
Harmonica Dobermanns
Scroll: Horizontal: Preia
Runner up in Show & Intermediate in show
Perth 2014
Mrs Denise Smith (Qld)
Ebondobe Dobermanns

Scroll: Horizontal: Macey
Runner up in Show & Puppy in show
Perth 2015
Mrs Pam Dehetre(USA)