The “COPPERTOP” prefix has been around for more than 60 years, originally used by my grandparents with their top winning and very successful Australian Terriers. I took the prefix over in 1992 and now look where we are now, breeders of dogs titled in all phases of dog sport.  Between the years of 2011 & 2018 our dogs were bred in New Zealand under the “COPPERDOBE” prefix. From now on we will revert to the “COPPERTOP” prefix as they will all be bred in Australia & will no longer be docked.

We strive to improve the conformation of our breed, eradicate any possible health problems and to produce the all round Dobermann – beauty, brains and sound in mind!!!

Dobermanns are loyal, alert and active and love to be part of the family group and need to be included, particularly while young to enable them to develop and mature into a stable family pet and companion. No matter what age the Dobe is they want to be inside (and should be)!

On this site you will find information on the Dobermanns that I have bred, bought and trained, designed to give you a better insight into my dogs’ personalities.

There are many pictures in the photo gallery too as well as individual resumes on all the girls and the boys, upcoming litters and a section on dog products page. Choose from our range including “Cosy Coats”, “Cosy T-Coats” & waterproof coats. Check out the Dog Products page. The range includes embroidered towels, suit bags, shoe bags, tote bags, & chair backs. We can embroider your dog’s name or your kennel name and add a design too.  ….….check it out!

Order forms for the coats can be found on products page or email us with your order or or find us on facebook ideal dogsupplies or @julzembroidery

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