Coppertop Southern Belle CDX TD ET

Stacey is the oldest member of the family, a real character and due to this has accumulated a few nicknames along the way.  The "clown", "pushy bitch" and "dancing queen", all of which describe her perfectly.  She loves people so much that she will go out of her way just to get a pat and when we have visitors, especially strangers, she will stand very close to them and shove her head up under their hands demanding attention and of course lots of pats - hence the name "pushy bitch".


Stacey has produced two litters of pups and many have her lovely temperament and character, something I can see being passed down through the generations.  In fact I am seeing it now in her grand children.  We call it the "Stacey Factor"!!  Because of this her progeny make great obedience dogs and as well as family pets, they are so eager to learn and remember what they are taught and enjoy their work.


Stacey entered and passed her first obedience trial in Encouragement at 8 months of age winning the ring. However, it did take a lot of trials and a lot of disappointments to obtain her CD title. 

Although she knew what to do in training and always did it so perfectly, my nervousness and her finding new ways to re-invent the wheel always bought us failure in the trail ring.  Until one day it all came together obtaining her title with a score of 187.


She took to Open obedience like a duck to water and obtained her title with ease and has often reached scores of 190 plus.   Her best result was at the Dobermann Restricted Trial  in 33º heat with a score of 194.

Stacey loves to spend time chasing ducks on the dam, lying in the sun and happily watching over puppies of the new litters from her relatives.


Sadly, Stacey passed away on the 23rd July, 2007 aged 10 years, 7 months and 17 days.  RIP our darling girl, we miss you so much.

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