Dual Ch (T) Coppertop Caucha Looking CCD TSDX ET  ROM


Sire: Gr Ch Cabochon Ecky Thump

Dam: Dual Ch (T) Coppertop Catch A Glance CDX ET

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Coppertop Caucha Looking

Angel at 4 months

Angel climbing a tree whilst tracking

Hi, my name is Angel though I am often referred to as the ‘bush pig’ because I love to dig holes, roll in mud and thunder through the bush.  I live with Judy & Trevor Pillinger and my buddy, Bear (Ch Kaiela Hot Venture TDX) in Kilsyth, Victoria.


I am a multi-talented girl and have proved myself in several disciplines already. At Melbourne Dog Club in July 2006, my first show, I won Baby Puppy in Group and since then, I have achieved 2 Minor in Show, 3 Minor in Group, 5 Puppy in Group, a Junior in Group, and Opposite Junior in Show at the Dobermann Club Open Show in 2007. I was awarded my first challenge at the age of 7 months under USA judge, Mrs Greendale-Paveeza at Sunbury in November 2006.


During the winter months of 2007, I had a break from showing to demonstrate my ability as a tracking dog. My handler was a bit slow and did not appreciate my distinctive tracking style but she eventually began to trust me. I passed my TQT in March then passed my Track 1 at Hastings in June, and my Track 2 one week later – my TD title. At Broadford in July, I whizzed through Tracks 3 and 4 on the same day, and in August at Inverleigh, I achieved my TDX title by completing Track 5.


My handler was reluctant to enter me in the WAE at the Dobermann National in November 2007 because I was only 19 months old. However, at the last minute, I had my opportunity and it was just a ‘walk in the park’ – no big deal. I surprised quite a few cynics by achieving my WAC on that day.


In 2008, I will be aiming for those final challenge points and my Track 6, to complete my Dual Champion title. I will then have the opportunity to demonstrate my Coppertop ability in obedience.


Written by Angel (with a bit of help from my Mum, Judy)

Tug of war with her mate Bear