Multi BISS Aust Ch Coppertop Rayz A Rumour


Sire: Grand Ch Coppertop Perfect Liason CD TD ET

Dam: Ch Coppertop China Doll CCD ET

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Pictured after winning Best in Show Qld Dobermann Specialty under Mrs Bonnie Clarke, (USA) 2010

“Saxon” is another son from Josh and Angel and began showing a lot of promise winning  Puppy in Group and reserve challenge dog at his first outing in October 2007 aged just 10 months.

Saxon lives in Carrum with Stuart and 2 other doggy mates.


Saxon has been DNA tested Vwd CLEAR & DCM negative (major gene).


October 2007

Reserve Challenge & Puppy in Group at first show


November 11th

2nd at 2007 Victorian Specialty












December 15th

Best of Breed  from the Puppy Class.


January 12th, 2008

Challenge dog under New Zealand judge


January 27th

 Reserve CC and Runner up best of breed, under Canadian judge, Mrs. B. Watt.


March 2nd

Best of Breed


March 3rd

Best of Breed and runner-up in group under dobermann specialist, Mr. Bill Mooney.


March: Easter 2008

Junior in Show NSW Dobermann Specialty Judge: Faye Strauss (USA)

Opposite Junior in Show: NSW Dobermann Open Show















March 15th

Best of Breed under Dobermann specialist Mr C.Sykes


May 24th

Junior in Group & Reserve Challenge under Dobermann Specialist, Mr G. Missen


July 20th

Challenge Dog


October 4th

Best of Breed & Intermediate in group


October 5th

Best of Breed, Runner-up in Group and Intermediate in Show


October 6th

Best of Breed and Australian Champion title.


November 1st 2008

Intermediate in Show Victorian Dobermann Open Show:

Mrs E. Gallagher

Intermediate in Show Victorian Dobermann Championship Show: Mr. Billy Smith, Qld.


Saxon took a break from the show ring whilst his dad, Josh campaigned for his grand champion title.


October 31st 2009

1st Intermediate dog DCV Specialty, beaten by the Best in show winner our Miss Savannah for class in show.


Dobermann National held in Sydney over Easter Saxon was awarded 2nd Place A/bred Dog Class

The Host show on the same weekend:  A/Bred in Show & Reserve Challenge Dog


September 2010, Saxon wins Best in Show at the Brisbane specialty under Ms Bonnie Clarke (USA).  Following on from his sire, Josh’s Best in show from the year before.


Saxon is shown only sparingly due to having other youngsters to title.  Folllowing are his latest wins.


¨ Best of Breed under international judge: December 29th 2010

¨ CC Dog/RUBOB, international judge: 7th January,  2011, Paris took out Best of breed

¨ CC Dog/RUBOB under international judges:  8th & 9th January.  Savannah took out best of breed on both occasions.






















¨ Best of Breed Melbourne Royal, 2012

¨ Saxon has now retired from the show ring but is still available at stud to approved bitches & continues to sire some lovely progeny.














Saxon at 3 months

Saxon aged 13 months.

Critique by Mr. Billy Smith - DCV Specialty 2008

1st place intermediate dog and Best intermediate in show

Black Dog, strong breed type, medium size, square. Strong balanced outline.  Correct scissor bite, dark pigmentation, dark almond shaped eye, entire.  Strong broad wedge shaped head, parallel planes. Strong underjaw. Correct ear set.  Neck flows to highset withers, strong forequarter, strong round bone, tight cat feet. Elbows tight, strong topline. Clean underline and correct tailset.

Movement: Clean holds topline

Critique by Mrs Faye Straus (USA) DCNSW Specialty 2008

1st place junior dog and Best junior in show

He is medium size, balanced and has a well defined chest. Correct round bone, compact. The head is an elongated blunt wedge with a slight stop, parallel planes, full mouth, ears are high, dark almond eyes are moderately deep set. Alert, lively expression, the neck flows into the shoulders. Front balances rear angulation. Legs are straight, pasterns almost perpendicular to the ground, cat feet, topline is smooth, the ribcage is deep and well sprung. He is well tucked up.  Good turn of stifle; tail set high off the horizontal, gait is energetic, powerful and efficient, sound coming and going.

Critique by Mr. Wayne Brown - DCV Specialty 2007

2nd (7) place Puppy dog class

Very nice black male, good size, good head, dark eye, full mouth, lovely flow in of neck, lovely forechest, good layback of shoulder, reasonable upper arm, lovely bone, good colour, nice compact body, good topline, good angulation in the croup and tailset, good hind angulation, very promising young male


Critique by Mrs Hillary Partridge-Duckham (UK) - DCV Specialty 2009

1st  place Intermediate  dog class


Great ring presence.  Head planes good, long dry neck, good shoulder and sloping topline. Correct tailset.  Moved with drive

A/Bred in Show & Reserve Challenge Dog

Host Show Sydney 2010

Best in Show

Intermediate in Show

DCV 2008

Mr Billy Smith (Qld)

Critique by Mrs Judith Brown (USA) - DCNSW Specialty 2010

1st  place A/bred dog class


First in this class is a dog of excellent proportion. A medium size dog. He’s compact with a short loin.  Very correct topline and underline.  He has a deep muzzle, plenty of underjaw.  A small high set ear.  He’s especially excellent in his front end.  He has very good shoulders with long sloping shoulder blades with a long upper arm.  Well filled in the forechest.

Saxon wins his second Best in specialty show under dobermann specialist,

Mr Ronnie Natividad (Phl)

DCSA May 2012

Best in Show

Saxon’s progeny