Text Box: RUISS Dual Ch (T) Coppertop Simply Perfect CDX ET  “Brodie”
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Text Box: BISS Dual Ch (T) Coppertop Just Glanzatme  CD ET 
“ Kendra”
Text Box: Dual Ch (T) Coppertop Catch A Glance CDX ET 
“ Casey”
Text Box: RUIS Dual Ch (T) & Neut Ch Coppertop Perfect Image TSDX ET
“ Phoebe”
Text Box: Coppertop Perfect Pitcha CCD RN
“ Piper”
Text Box: Multi BISS/RUISS Grand Ch. Coppertop Designer Image ET 
Text Box: Aust Ch Coppertop Wot A Pitcha  CD TD ET
“ Paris”
Text Box: Aust Ch Copperdobe Style Vixen (Imp NZ)
The GirlsText Box: Our past Champion girls
Text Box: Coppertop Thatz How Its Done
“ Prada”
Text Box: BIS/RUISS Ch Copperdobe Hotter Than Hell (Imp NZ)
“ Macey”
Text Box: Aust Ch Copperdobe Keep Em Guessing (Imp NZ)
“ Keira”
Text Box: Multi RUISS Copperdobe Stand N Stare (Imp NZ)
“ Preia”
Text Box: BISS Aust Ch Copperdobe Style In The City (Imp NZ)
Text Box: Ch Coppertop Luv AT First Sight
“ Zoe”
Text Box: Copperdobe Forbidden Liaison  (Imp NZ)
“ Scarlett”