Multi RUISS & Multi RUIS Aust & NZ Ch Copperdobe Stand N Stare (Imp NZ)

‘Preia’ is our gorgeous pocket rocket, loves everything in life and particularly the show ring.  She is very neat & compact, lovely reach & drive & catches the judges eye quite often, which is apparent by her 3 Runner-up in Specialty wins by 18 months of age.

She qualified for puppy of year at her first outing in the puppy class with a puppy in show by an international judge.

Preia has spent time in NZ busy with motherhood duties producing some lovely puppies with several titling already.  Selene, Eadie, George, Nico & Sassy with others on their way to being champions too.  After her first litter she hit the show ring to gain her NZ title including 2 Runner-up in show all breeds & qualifying for Show Dog of the year but was unable to attend.

In 2018, aged 5.5 years, Preia was awarded Runner Up in show at the Sth Island specialty under dobe specialists Mr Steve Yianou. Preia then retired & now lives with Anita in NZ.

RUISS at 6 months of age under dobe specialtist Mr. Doug Jensen (USA)

RUISS at 15 months under dobe specialist Mr Andi Hudono (IND)

Melbourne Royal challenge bitch/runner up best of breed from the puppy class

“Paris” is definately little Miss sweetie pie.  Very lovable and will grab a pat and a cuddle from anyone who is willing to indulge her.

She has excelled at all breeds shows for 2008, her first year of showing with countless class in group and in show awards.  Paris is rarely ever beaten in her class and beaten only by her brother Luka for puppy of breed, a very consistent performance for 2008.

2009 has been no exception for Miss Paris continuing along her winning way with numerous junior in group/show awards, plus challenges and best of breed wins.  Her final championship points were gained on March 21st aged just 17th months, handled by Andrew Hobday (Chizack Boxers).  Thanks Andrew and Paris, you make a great team.

Achievements so far:

Baby in Show  :  23rd February, 2008

Baby in Show : 1st March

Baby in Show  S.A. Dobermann Specialty: 8th March

Baby in Group : 29th March

Baby in Group : 6th April

CC Bitch/Runner-up best of breed first show in the minor class: 26th April

CC Bitch/Runner-up best of breed & Minor in Show: 3rd May

Best of Breed & Minor in Group: 4th May

Minor in Group:  17th May

Minor In Group: 18th May

Minor in Group: 22nd June — Dobe Specialist, Mrs. Denise Smith

Minor In Group: 28th June

Minor In group: 29th June

Puppy in Show: 20th July

Puppy in Show: 8th August, under Dobe Specialists, Mr. Sudarsan ,India.

Challenge Bitch and RUBOB and Puppy of breed, Royal Melbourne Show, 25th September.  Mr R. Podesta (Chile)

Reserve Challenge Bitch: Spring Fair. Sydney (Jnr class)

Challenge Bitch/RUBOB: 17th January, 2009

Best of Breed/Junior in Group under Dobe specialist Mr. D. Filipovic (Vic): 8th February

Junior in Group: 21st February

Junior in Group: 22nd February

Junior of Breed: Canberra Royal, ACT

Challenge Bitch: 9th March

Junior in Group: 21st March (AM show)

Challenge bitch/RUBOB/Junior in Show 21st March 2009 (PM show) This gave Paris the final points toward her championship title at just 17 months of age.  ***Well done little girl**

Junior in Group/Reserve challenge/RUBOB: 22nd March

Rested from show ring to be a Mum:  whelped 9 pups 6th August, 2009

Best A/bred in show DCV Dobermann Specialty, her pups just 12 weeks old

Paris retired from the show ring with only 2 shows since 17 months old, both at the DCV Specialty.  The 2010 specialty saw her gain her first pass in the novice obedience ring and a 2nd place in the confirmation ring making her elligble for the Elmaro trophy, however, she was pipped by her cousin Jag who won the CCD ring and awarded runner-up in show in the confirmation ring. 

The following week Paris gained her second pass in the novice ring with a score of 191 and 2nd place.

January 7th 2011:  Paris returns to the all breeds ring with a bang taking out a big Best of breed win under an international judge at the

Sth Eastern 3 day international.  Her first all breeds show since March 2009.  Way to go Paris!!

Paris is a great producer with 2 litters on the ground the first sired by  Josh, has 4 in the show ring, between them they have achieved class in group/in show awards, best of breed and Best  in group and runner-up in group wins.  Reece, Dane, Virgil & Layla.  Virgil titling at 12 mths in Qld just then having to wait to get the final 25 points to claim it and Dane titling at 15 months here in Victoria and winning Best in show at the ACT Specialty in 2011, Layla titled in NSW and Reece in Tassi. 2011 saw Paris take to the tracking field and gain her Tracking Dog title and 2 passes toward her TDX title.

Paris gained her Endurance title in May and her CD (Companion Dog)title in November

April DCNSW Paris wins yet another specialty class, judged by Pat Hastings (USA)

August DCSA, another Aust Bred class win, unbeaten in a specialty class to date

17th December, 2011, the last show for us for the year and Paris wins Best of breed from a big entry, Jag her cousin takes the dog challenge and RUBOB.

2012 will see Paris have a few shows and then motherhood duties will take over, she is a great mum and enjoys having her babies. 

Paris &  Jag, Multi RUISS Ch Coppertop Red Hot Design, proud parents of 14 babies. March 2012.

From this litter so far 3 have titled before 18 months of age, Bronte in Canberra, Karli in Adelaide & Jordy in NSW.

Paris final litter, to  Aust Ch Fenix De Akido San (Imp Arg) saw pups born 21st February, 2013.  6 have made it to show homes in various states.  Copperdobe Stand N Stare (Imp NZ) already making her mark at 6.5 months of age taking out RUISS at the Perth dobermann show from an entry of around 80 dogs.  Pretty impressive!


Keira was a stand out from the very beginning, everyones pick puppy from the litter.  She has attitude to match her beauty and owns that show ring each time she strides in.

Her first weekend of shows was awarded 2 baby in groups and from there 4 more baby in group and 1st in sweepstakes from 41 babies.

Next  Minor in show at the S.A. Dobermann specialty, then 6 more minor in show all breeds and 2 more minor in groups plus another 1st and 3rd in sweepstakes.

The day after her mum, Savannah obtained her grand champion title, Keira took best of breed at the next 2 shows and runner-up in group from the minor class.

**Challenge bitch/RUBOB & best puppy at Melbourne royal 2012. Her Dad Saxon taking best of breed.

**Most of 2012 Keira was #1 rising star (DOL) pointscore, finishing at #2 as she was not shown for the latter part of the year.

**March 2013 titled at 16 months of age.

**June 2013 Winter International SA, took cc bitch/RUBOB from a large entry.

**BIS Dobermann Open show in Perth in September

**Intermediate in show WA Dobermann specialty, September 2013

**Best in Group (1st) Winter International 2014 (Saturday)

**Challenge bitch from large entry Winter International 2014 (Sunday)


Best in Show (109 entries) DCNSW 2009


“Kendra” is Miss Personality and a bit of a wild child who loves life to the fullest. At 6 weeks she could out run anyone to the gate and still runs like a greyhound everything is a race!

At 6 mths and 1 week old of age Kendra took out a 20 point Best of breed award and Minor in Group.

At 9mths Best In Show at the Dobermann Open Show and from there has become a consistent winner, unbeaten in her classes for the whole of 2008 (Vic) and picking up either reserve, challenge or best of breed at every show entered.  Plus gaining her tracking dog title and passing her track 3. She gained her CCD & CD titles in obedience and her Aust Champion title all before the age of 2.



  • Baby in Group : 27th January, 2007
  • Baby in Group : 12th March
  • Baby in Show : 17th March
  • Minor in Group : 15th April
  • Best of Breed (20 points) / Minor in Group : 21st April
  • Minor in Group : 25th April
  • Minor in Group : 13th May in S.A.
  • Best in Show : Vic. Dobe Open Show : 29th July
  •  Puppy in Grp: 11th August—Dobe Specialist Mrs Gwen Ford
  •  Junior in Group : December, 2007
  •  Reserve Challenge from Junior class under Mr. I Akiyama (Jpn): January ADI, 2008
  •  Challenge Bitch—Mr C. Sykes March 2008
  •  Two Best of Breeds and two Junior in groups, in the one day, March 2008
  •  Reserve Challenge Bitch Sydney Royal: March 2008
  •  2 CCD passes on the one day with scores of 98 & 96 and 2 first places : 9th June
  •  CCD Title with a score of 96 & 1st place plus runner up best of breed in the show ring: 28th June
  •  4th CCD pass & 1st place plus again winning in the show ring with Best of Breed and Runner Up in Group: 29th June
  •  Passes track 1 at Gippsland: 19th July
  •  Passes track 2 for TD Title in gale force winds: 21st July
  •  Best of Breed: 2nd August
  •  First Novice pass scoring 188 & 2nd place at the Obedience National : 3rd August
  •  Challenge Bitch & RUBOB and champion title under Dobe specialist Mr Sudarsan, (India) : 9th August (aged 21 mths)
  •  Passes track 3 with a grading of Very Good: 18th August
  •  Challenge bitch & RUBOB under Mr. Achariyawan (Thailand) : 30th August (entry of 28 dobes)
  •  Challenge bitch & RUBOB : 31st August
  •  CD title scoring 186 and 2nd place : 19th October
  •  1st Intermediate Bitch class Victorian Dobermann Specialty: November 1st.
  •  Best of Breed: November 16th
  •  2 Reserve challenges Spring Fair, Sydney: November 21st & 22nd
  •  Best of Breed: December 7th
  •  Challenge Bitch under Mrs L. Chothithada (Thai): 28th Dec
  •  Challenge Bitch/RUBOB under Mr. M. Landsberg (SAF): 29th December, 2008

After a very pleasing 2008 Kendra has started off 2009 well, picking up challenges at most shows she has attended. Although she won’t be present at every show as we have young Paris to title and some other youngsters coming out soon too, Miss Kendra will have to take her turn and be there as often as possible.

    • Challenge Bitch & RUBOB: 3rd January, 2009
    • Intermediate in Group: 9th January
    • Best of Breed & Intermediate in Group under Mrs E. Parker (NZ): 11th January
    • Challenge bitch/RUBOB under Mr A. Kazmierski (Pol): ADI 24th January
    • Best of Breed under Mrs A. Hennigan (Can): ADI 26th Jan
    • Challenge bitch/RUBOB: 15th March
    • Challenge bitch/RUBOB: 21st March (AM show)
    • Best of Breed: 22nd March
    • 12th April: Kendra goes Best in Show at NSW Dobermann specialty under Mr Philip Martin of Phillmar Dobermanns USA, from 109 entries.
    • 14th April: Reserve challenge bitch Sydney Royal
    • 3rd May: Challenge bitch/RUBOB/Intermediate in Grp Rocklea, Qld
    • 16th May: Challenge bitch/RUBOB
    • 13th June: Challenge bitch/RUBOB (Jag Best of Breed)
    • 14th June: Challenge bitch/RUBOB (Jag Best of Breed)
    • 21st June: Challenge bitch/RUBOB (Josh Best in Group)
    • 27th June: Challenge bitch/RUBOB (Josh Best in Group)
    • 28th: Challenge bitch/RUBOB (Josh Best in Group)
    • 4th July: Best of Breed (Josh CC/RUBOB)
    • 11th July: Challenge bitch/RUBOB
    • 13th July: Awarded TDX title
    • 19th July: Challenge bitch/RUBOB (Josh Best of Breed)
    • 20th July: Awarded Tracking Champion title also gives her Dual Champion status
    • 25th July: Challenge bitch/RUBOB (Jag Best of Breed)
    • 26th July: Challenge bitch (Jag Best of Breed/Josh RUBOB)
    • 1st August: Challenge bitch/RUBOB (Josh Best of Breed)
    • 9th August: Awarded Endurance title
    • 15th August: Challenge bitch/RUBOB Lilydale Kennel under Mr J Walsh (Ire)
    • 29th August: Challenge Bitch (Josh RUIG) Mr R Tesoro (Phl)
    • 5th September: A/Bred in group
    •  6th September: Best in Group
    •  2nd October: Best In Group Canberra All Breeds
    •  3rd October: Reserve Challenge Bitch ACT Specialty
    • 30th October: DCV Specialty, 2nd Open bitch class
    • 14th November: A/Bred in Show (Specialist P. Luyten)
    • 29th November, 2009: Best of Breed, Irish judge.
    • 25th December Kendra whelped 11 beautiful black babies and has spent some time out of the ring but now the time is right for her to get back to business and follow in her father’s footsteps and chase points for her grand title.
    • July 10th: Best of Breed

Due to an unfortunate accident Kendra has been retired from the show ring, something that has devastated us.  She is the ultimate show girl, the best I have ever had the pleasure of owning/showing and I will miss her fabulous attitude.  If a miracle happens and she recovers fully she will return!!!!  XXX

“Savannah” is another one of my sweet girls, very much like her cousin, Paris. She loves to put her arms up around my neck and snuggle in for long cuddles, except that she doesn’t realise how big she has grown.

Savannah’s debut to the show ring was very pleasing, winning the Puppy bitch class/Opposite Puppy in Show at both Dobermann Open and championship shows on November 1st. Her brother Jag beating her for Puppy in Show.

Savannah’s first show since shown at the DCV specialty a year ago and she takes out the ultimate Best in Show under international judge Mrs Hilary Partridge-Duckham (UK).

She has had to wait in line whilst Kendra accumulated points toward her grand championship title but we made an exception for the specialty and so glad we did.

  • Savannah has won 1st place in the intermediate bitch class at ALL shows, bar one, (3—5 entrants), and been awarded reserve challenge bitch at almost every show until attaining her first all breed challenge points on the 27th December. Her brother Jag beating her for best of breed on this occasion.
  • 28th December: Best of Breed
  • Dobermann National 2010

    Dobermann National held in Sydney over Easter 2010 saw Savannah win 1st place in the A/Bred Bitch class and at the Host Show on the same weekend 1st again in A/bred Bitch and Reserve Challenge bitch

  • 24th April: Savannah wins her second Best in show at the S.A. Specialty under Mr R. Velez-Pico from Peurto Rico, this also gave her her champion title. First points gained with BISS Melbourne and finishing with BISS Adelaide, surely something of a record.
  • 29th May, 2010: Passes her Endurance test with Ease

Following are some of Savannah’s major wins for the remainder of 2010:

  • Challenge bitch & RUBOB Melbourne Royal
  • Best of Breed Hobart Royal
  • Challenge bitch/RUBOB Sydney Royal

    Best of breed Spring Fair in November under Dobermann specialist Mr Andi Huddono from Indonesia

A few major results for 2011 and 2012:

  • Kicking the year off with the Sth Eastern Weekend with 2 x best of breed under international judges.
  • ADI weekend: Challenge bitch/RUBOB to her littermate Jag.
  • March 13th: Best in group under dobermann specialist Mr John Clark (NZ)
  • Challenge Bitch & RUBOB at Sydney Royal under dobermann specialist Mr Luis de Silva, Brazil
  • Best of Breed, Melbourne Royal, 2011
  • Grand champion title awarded 2012
  • Pass in CCD at first trial at the DCV Nov. 2012

Melbourne Royal 2011

After moving to New Zealand Savannah gained her NZ title at 8.5 years of age & then fully retired to the couch & passing away at 11.5 years of age. Miss her everyday.